Specializing in Pastoral and Leadership Transitions

How your congregation travels into, through, and out of a transition is often a key predictor of future health. 

Through collaborative efforts, our consultants work with you to develop a healthy and sustainable strategy for navigating church pastor transitions, including hiring an interim pastor, pastor search assistance, and developing a healthy change culture.


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Guiding Churches Through Pastor Transtions

Our consultants, equipped with extensive experience and proven skills in congregational ministry, collaborate with you. Navigating pastoral transitions in church leadership can pose significant challenges, whether anticipated or unforeseen. Our consultants work with you to foster a culture of learning while offering valuable insights and aiding in strategic planning for your congregation’s future. How can we help you?

Advantages of a Transition Consultant

Our compassionate and experienced team provides tailored church leadership transition consulting. In a recent case, we assisted a congregation facing their pastor’s retirement of over 20 years. Working closely with the pastor and leadership team, we navigated key events over several months, including planning the retirement, facilitating healthy closure events, exploring interim options, coaching the leadership team, guiding the search committee process, identifying candidates, and providing coaching for the new pastor’s first year.

Interested in learning more?

If your church is going through a transition or planning to go through a transition in the near future, contact The Center for Healthy Churches-PneuMatrix for more information on how we can help.