Dr. Kevin Head

Kevin Head is a seasoned and passionate minister driven by a commitment to serving and aiding churches through transition periods. With an extensive background encompassing over twenty-five years as a Senior Pastor across diverse congregations in Georgia, North Carolina, and Kentucky, Kevin’s journey is marked by rich ministerial and institutional experiences. He serves as a pastoral counselor at New Perspectives for Life, a practice co-founded with his wife, Amy, in 2007.

Beyond his dedicated ministry work, Kevin has offered training, education, and coaching to senior leaders in large financial service corporations for the past 16 years. His ability to seamlessly blend church leadership, counseling expertise, and business acumen provides invaluable support to institutions navigating the complexities of change.

Kevin is a proud alumnus of Furman University, where he earned his B.A., and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, where he obtained his Ph.D. and M.Div. Kevin and Amy, parents to two adult children, Jenna and Joshua, share a commitment to both family and their collective mission in serving others.