Rev. Ronnie Brewer

Hailing from Alabama, Ronnie Brewer boasts a rich legacy of over 40 years as a campus minister and pastor. Notably, he served as the founding pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Madison, Alabama, and was Senior Baptist Campus Minister at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Ronnie’s extensive experience is complemented by his educational background, including a Master of Divinity, and training as a licensed professional counselor.

Ronnie’s expertise extends to guiding churches through transitions, where he has served as a coach for search teams and in the pivotal role of interim pastor. His passion lies in working with churches during periods of change, and he finds fulfillment in coaching and encouraging fellow ministers on their respective journeys.

With a heart dedicated to the ministry and a wealth of experience in various pastoral capacities, Ronnie Brewer continues to make a meaningful impact within the church community.