Rev. Terry Green

Terry Green served as a Virginia pastor for an impressive 46 years, ministering to urban and non-urban congregations. Throughout this journey, Terry actively collaborated with various ministry colleagues, learning valuable lessons from those with extensive experience and mentoring others in their initial church roles. Gratitude is expressed for the contributions of these colleagues to Terry’s faith and practice.

During mid-career, Terry pursued further education with a focus on congregational dynamics. This training was applied not only in the pastoral role but also in a capacity as a conflict transformation leader for the Virginia Baptist Mission Board. In this leadership position, Terry gained expertise in entering new congregational settings, guiding group efforts, emphasizing honest communication, and establishing shared priorities. The experience solidified Terry’s belief that intentional and transparent processes significantly contribute to the overall health of churches, irrespective of their nature.

After an extended tenure in pastoral ministry, Terry acknowledges the inherent imperfections of the Church yet emphasizes the more prevalent instances of the Church at its best—teaching, healing, and reconciling individuals in the name of Christ. The steadfast conviction remains that the Church, manifested through local congregations, represents the earthly expression of the Kingdom of God. Continuing in the ministry, Terry considers it a privilege to assist churches in embracing God’s opportune seasons of transition and change.